By Nancy Elpers


I am often asked which furniture manufacturer is my favorite. In upholstery, I have several. This month, let me tell you about Smith Brothers. The company is in Berne, Indiana and they have been in business since 1926!


They are true furniture craftsman -- starting with hardwood maple frames and reinforced joints that are assembled by hand. 


They have developed a spring edge unit for each seat that is elevated in the front. This makes the seats more comfortable and increases the life of their foam-filled cushions. They use the highest quality foam that is available in the furniture industry – it’s warranted for life.


I love that Smith Brothers of Berne does it the old way and in my opinion the right way.


For example, the deck or space under cushions is what we call “self- decked.” The same fabric the cushions are made of is the same fabric on the seat deck.


The tailoring of upholstery is superior to so many companies right now. The fabric pattern runs continuously across the seams. The fabric and leather choices are numerous and the company has frames where you can choose your base, your arm and your back. 


There are also stain choices for legs, and nail head choices too.


Smith upholstery is available in sectionals, sofas, loveseats, chairs and ottomans.


But wait, they make recliners too and recliners that are not only comfortable, but also stylish! In fact, people are surprised when we show them one and say, “this is a recliner.” 


Smith Brothers styles are numerous and can be contemporary, transitional and traditional. Our Horton’s design staff can show you what we have in stock and also the choices you could make to custom order a piece the way you want it for your home.


Last but not least, when their items are delivered to our store, it is by their own truck line and wrapped and placed in their own cubby. This company is a class act from start to finish.


You owe it to yourself to check out Smith Brothers of Berne upholstery at Horton’s Furniture & Mattress in Wichita.