By: Nancy Elpers.


You have your new furniture and it is in your home. You love it, but there is something missing. This is the most fun part of decorating -- the time to accessorize and add the finishing touches to each room. It should be done with careful consideration or you may end up with too much accessorizing clutter, as shown in the photo above.


Ask yourself, “do you want to dress it up or make it a little more casual?”


First things first. Start with the largest items. This could mean an area rug to ground the room or a picture to help set the mood.


Now we are going to layer. Choose one or two colors that you like from the rug or picture and gather candle sticks, maybe a globe, some leather-bound books, a scarf or a bit of textile with similar colors. If there are collectables, such as vases or maybe a dish or platter, this is the time to bring those out as well.


Let’s say the picture is over a fireplace and we are doing the mantle. Play with the scale and pieces. Lay the leather-bound books on their sides on top of each other, and place one candle on top of the books, the other candle stick next to it only directly on the mantle. Use some cloth or a scarf and place it casually to add another layer as it can wind or drape over the books.


You could put the plate or platter on a stand and place it to the side (it is okay to place this in front or to the side of the picture) then maybe the globe, pitcher, or vase in front of the plate.


If you have a large wall, think scale. Think of it as a large envelope. If you place a postage stamp on a large envelope, all you really see is the envelope. If you place stamps all over, it just looks cluttered.


Choose one or two sizable pictures, a large clock or impressive mirror and if the wall still looks bare, add to the side, not on the wall, but on the floor. Consider a potted tree. Maybe a trunk or console table with a lamp. A floor lamp will also help. The possibilities are endless and it is so much fun!


Common mistakes are hanging pictures, clocks and mirrors too high.  We want to accent the wall and compliment your furniture. We don’t want people to crane their necks to see the pictures next to the ceiling.


The scale rule also applies to bookcases, display cabinets and entry tables. When you place many little items to the space it makes the piece look cluttered like the photo at the top. Gather like items and mix with books or fabrics.  Add texture to each display.


Common mistakes for display cabinets in a dining room are putting all 90 pieces of dishware in the cabinet! Try putting plates on stands with one place setting in front then add glassware and cloth napkins. This is the case of less is more and put the rest behind closed doors. 


This is the time to play. When you are done, stand back and admire then take an item away.  Is it better or worse? 


At Horton’s you’ll see several instances where we’ve partially decorated some room settings to give you a hint of what’s possible and, of course, we have tables, display cabinets, vases, lamps, artwork and other items that might help you finish your room…or inspire you.


You’re welcome to come in and browse at any time! 


About the author:

Nancy Elpers is a 32+ year veteran with Horton’s Furniture. “My belief is that every home you live in should reflect your lifestyle,” says Nancy. “Forget the trends and styles. Your home, no matter how big or how small, should reflect the image you want to portray.” Elpers has worked with some of the best companies in the industry and most talented designers in the home furnishings business. At Horton’s this has included furnishings from Trisha Yearwood, Eric Church, Joanna Gaines and Paula Dean to name a few. She is passionate about each and every room, from arrangement to scale, including family heirlooms, down to the final touches. She loves the challenge of bringing items together.