Spring is here! After a long winter, combined with many of us spending more time in our homes due to the pandemic, it is time to refresh and renew your living space.


We’ve been watching endless home makeover shows that make it look so simple, and in reality we all know it just doesn’t happen that way! Below are a few steps that can help with the stress of your home’s makeover.


First, focus your makeover on one room at a time.  Start with the room you feel needs the most attention.


Second, what do you like about the room, and what do you dislike? Paint is fairly inexpensive and can make a huge difference. I suggest something neutral and forget the accent wall, let’s keep it neutral. New flooring can make a world of difference. Think about your lifestyle. There are so many choices for durable flooring. If the cost is prohibitive, let’s do a large area rug.


Third, what are the focal points of the room?  A fireplace, a bank of windows overlooking a lake, or perhaps a 110-inch TV screen? The opposite is also true. If your windows are overlooking something less desirable, say a power plant or your neighbor’s collection of garden gnomes, let’s flip the attention the other way.


Fourth, what stays, and what do you want to kick to the curb? If your great grandmother’s rocker is staying, we need to know.


Horton’s Design team can help you select furniture that can bring the room together. We can help with room arrangement and fresh ideas. It has never been easier.


Just take a few pictures on your phone to show us. Walls, flooring, focal points. Pictures of what stays and what we are replacing.


If you like, one of our Design Consultants can visit with you in your home for a $75 fee that will be applied to your purchase when you make a buying decision within 30 days of our visit.


Spring is my favorite time of year. At Horton's we can help bring new life to your existing room.


What’s next? No not the next room, not yet. We are going to accessorize and add the finishing touches! That is in the next blog!


About the author:

Nancy Elpers is a 32+ year veteran with Horton’s Furniture. “My belief is that every home you live in should reflect your lifestyle,” says Nancy. “Forget the trends and styles. Your home, no matter how big or how small, should reflect the image you want to portray.” Elpers has worked with some of the best companies in the industry and most talented designers in the home furnishings business. At Horton’s this has included furnishings from Trisha Yearwood, Eric Church, Joanna Gaines and Paula Dean to name a few. She is passionate about each and every room, from arrangement to scale, including family heirlooms, down to the final touches. She loves the challenge of bringing items together.