By Nancy Elpers


Let’s just put it out there, address the elephant in the room, so to speak. Why are Horton’s Furniture & Mattress prices higher than some other stores in Wichita?


When Frank and Francis Horton started this business in 1946, they sold high-end furnishings considered expensive at the time. They knew they wanted to sell top quality, well-made furniture and prices corresponded with that desire. Is it for everyone? No. Can everyone afford to purchase custom-made furniture? No. We get that, and that is why a few decades ago we decided to purchase some quality mid-priced furniture too. Something for almost everyone.


We still have high-end furniture and many customizable options. With that being said, Horton’s will not carry poor quality merchandise – not now, not ever.


There is a sign in our store that says. “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the joy of low price is forgotten.” We literally hear about it every day from customers who thought they purchased the deal of the decade and maybe even received a free recliner.


We want your Horton’s Furniture shopping experience to be pleasant. 


When you walk in our front door, one of our design associates will greet you. If you want to browse, you are welcome to browse. No one else will bother you. No high-pressure sales people and we do not have a rotating staff.


If you have a specific need such as back or neck issues or maybe an upcoming surgery and you will need a new mattress, recliner or other piece of furniture you will spend hours in each day, you are in luck. Our associates are trained to assess your needs and find out how you will be using the item for which you are shopping.


There are many steps to getting the right fit in furniture and mattresses. We aren’t doctors, but we are well-trained when it comes to understanding how different furniture pieces and mattresses function, how different fabrics and leathers wear over time and the performance differences between manufacturer brands and between specific models within each brand.


We really do care about your wants and needs. And our designers are talented when it comes to room arrangement, adding color or mixing styles.


So, the next time you see that $499 sofa or a sofa and loveseat with a free recliner, stop and ask yourself these questions:

● “How long will the item maintain its comfort, shape and color?

● “How easy is it to clean?”

● “How much is that free recliner really worth?”

● “Is someone adding a surcharge, inflating a delivery fee or counting on future service and repair calls to cover the discount or the ‘freebie’ I’m promised today?”


Yes, there are “deals” to be had, but as always, “buyer beware.” Once you add everything up and compare the “bottom line,” there are times you may find it actually costs less to buy an item that’s priced slightly more than the same item at another store but doesn’t incur other fees to offset the discount.


Or perhaps the more expensive item will last far longer than the cheaper item you find elsewhere.


Growing up in small towns near Wichita, my husband Steve and I both smile remembering our parents saying: “Nothing in Life is Free.” And “You Get What You Pay For.”


It’s still true today.