By Nancy Elpers


Holidays mean getting down to business in the design and furniture industry. We’re not talking centerpieces for your dining table or knick-knacks. We’re talking about the furniture in the dining room itself and your bedroom, living room and other living spaces.


I am not sure if it is all the Holiday movies, or just feeling the need to have a warm and cozy backdrop to bring family and friends together. I feel like your home should always be inviting and a place you love to be.


Horton’s is known for our high-end and quality furniture, but we literally have something for everyone.


While other stores continue to struggle to get merchandise from a warehouse shared with 50 other stores, we have our own warehouse and what you see, you can purchase today, and take with you or arrange for professional delivery.


Let’s focus on your living, family and dining. If you are like most families, this is where you will spend most of your time in the coming weeks.


It isn’t too late to pull it together. Our Design staff is so adept at helping you achieve your dream, you may be surprised how just changing a few elements can give you a new and exciting look! 


Bring pictures (on your phone) of what is staying and what you can’t stand to see one more day, and we will do our best to make it happen.


Sometimes adding new end tables, lamps, a hall or entry table can change the room completely. Our dining rooms are over-flowing - so if that is on your list, come take a look.


Let us help you have a wonderful holiday time … and enjoy the new year!